Top BedTime books for Kids

Good Morning S.MLiterature .Today we will discuss some of the best children's books to get your kids to sleep . Children and parents may not always have the entire day together but at night, a bedtime book is considered great bonding and unwinding time with your child . It is physiologically researched and proven that if parents spend pre-sleep time with their child, it will help the child to have a peaceful nights sleep .

Here, is a list of three of the best bedtime stories to help your child have a peaceful nights sleep .

I am a Bunny by Richard Scarr

This is one of the best books for your child to fall sleep . One reason to put this book on the top of your list is due to the main character (Nicholas) Which falls asleep at the end . It's a story of a rabbit who has to pass through the changes of summer, winter, autumn and spring. and at t the end, he went to sleep waiting for spring to arrive . This book also has great illustrations and helps the child to have a peaceful nights sleep .

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest

This is one great mommy child story. It's a story of a Mommy Bear and her child. It is raining outside and baby bear needs something more to have a good nights sleep . This story is all about this missing sleep prerequisite. A great book with beautiful colorful illustrations to help your kid sleep soundly .

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

This is an old book but one of the best selling books for children even today. It's a

story of a bunny saying Goodnight to everyone around. This calm rhyming book has an immense love for its child. It was published in 1947 with great pictorial illustrations. It's the perfect book for both children and parents to have a peaceful nights sleep .

As always thanks for reading !!! Let me know what you think in the comments below . What are some of your children's favorite bedtime stories ?? Don't forget to like , comment ,and subscribe , ....BYEEEE

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