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Hello S.MLiterature today we will be discussing some of the top products with my collaboration Fnx Fit . FNX Fitness is a USA-based company, their mission is to encourage their consumers to be reborn every year, every month and everyday by providing “fuel for greatness”

At this point, you may be wondering . What sets FNX apart from other fitness supplements companies out there??????

Answer : philanthropy

Nearly one in ten people live without access to clean water. Children often have to walk for hours to find water for their families, and this indefinitely prevents them from access to education as well.

In an effort to change this, for every item purchased at FNX the company donates 1 gallon of fresh water to a child in need through their Live in Victory Everyday (LiVE) program. Their website indicates that, so far, 277,273 gallons have been donated. Unbelievable !!!!!

Prices /Supscriptions

FNX showcases a wide variety of supplements on their website, all made in the USA and with different aims: to recover, relax, recharge, renew, reinforce, revive, reform and refresh, You get what i mean !!

Flavors vary depending on the product, but some of the more favorite ones include Unicorn Punch, Tropical Blast, Strawberry Dragonfruit and the newly released Peach Mango. YUMM!!

When making a purchase, buyers have the option to buy items as a one-off or as part of a regular subscription service, which can save up to $5.50 off the original price.

Athletes and those who are interested can also take a look at the FNX Victory Box. Described as a box “for athletes, products contained in the box each month are left as a surprise, but just like any other box subscription services, purchasers are guaranteed to receive more than their money’s worth: the box costs $29.99 a month and is valued at $120+ In addition, subscribers receives 25% off and free shipping site-wide, as well as access to daily workouts and helpful nutrition specialist. SCORE !!

Aside from supplements, FNX also sells a wide range of workout apparel , including tank tops, hats, t-shirts and blender bottles. In other words, FNX is a one-stop shop for all your fitness and apparel needs.


Let’s take a look at some of the top three best-sellers below:

Recharge Preworkout:

According to FNX, this supplement improves workout duration, time to exhaustion, maximum power output, peak strength, anaerobic capacity, oxygen utilization, uptake and exercise capacity.

According to reviews, this preworkout strikes the perfect balance – through its use of natural sources such as green tea, yerba mate and guarana

Restart AM Protein Blend:

According to FNX, this supplement uses natural ingredients to create sustainable energy, including whey protein, probiotics, L-dopa, L-theanine and green tea extract. These ingredients ensure a mental boost and optimized recovery.

According to reviews, this protein is incredibly tasty. Reviewers often talk about the Blueberry Muffin and Orange Dreamsicle flavors. One reviewer even used it to make blueberry protein pancakes!!!!

Rebalance Supergreens:

According to FNX, this supplement is made up of a mixture of 5 grass blend, antioxidants, raw ingredients such as barley, alfalfa and kamut, and probiotics to improve gut health and support your immune system overall.

According to reviews, this healthy daily greens replacement provides just enough sweetness without being overbearing, and helps take the stress off meeting nutritional needs away.

Thanks for reading .Be sure to follow FNX on instagram @FNX_Fit and check out there website use my code (SMLiteratureXFNX) to get 15% off your first order at check out .

PS, Let me know what you think in the comments have you tried FNX before ? if so what are your favorite products ? Don't forget to like and Subscribe its 100% free , Byeeeee!!!!

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