Fall Must Haves 2020

Fall 2020 has started with the same resplendent golden leaves falling on the ground and chill feeling of air. Today , we are going to discuss with you the falls must haves.


During these uncertain times it is important to have books that help you to remain calm and optimistic, so the books i choose are:

Transcendent Kingdom by YAA GYASI is a great novel of a girl fighting the loss of her brother due to addiction and her mother's depression but continues to pursue her dreams.

Red Pill by Haru Kunzru is another must read story !!. The author has greatly woven the words showing some traits of paranormal activities and ghosts.

How to Lead by David M. Rubinstein has great ideas and success stories of different successful people.


Any season without movies is unimaginable. So, here are a few movies for fall .

The Adams Family movie is another Fall classic . This movie is about

, a missing brother who , arrives at the Addams' home, the family is thrilled. However, the family begins to suspect the man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester's life.

It's the Great Pumpkin ,Charlie Brown , is an absolute classic for all families during the fall season .

Tenet of Christopher Nolan is the story of a CIA officer to stop another world war. This is an action blaster movie.

Mulan by Disney is the recreation of the animated movie of 1998 under the same name. The story is based on chinese folktales.

Over the Moon is an animated movie of a girl who wants to reach the moon to reunite with her mom. This is a movie the entire family can enjoy

Enola Holmes is the story of the sister of Sherlock Holmes. She will have to solve her matter herself as nonone is helping her.

On the Rocks is the family story of a dad and her daughter. And the daughter thinks his husband is having an affair with someone else.

Agents of Chaos is for those who have interest in politics as we approach the upcoming election . This movie depicts the story of USA. elections of 2016 and Russian involvement with in it.

Snacks . you will want to taste this fall season include :


Carmel Apples

Cake pops

Pumpkin Bars

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